Travel safety tips for women who travel alone

Traveling is accompanied by different expectations, a lot of excitement, but some concerns as well. One of the biggest concerns of travelers is how to stay safe during the journey and on the vacation itself, and women often tend to be more concerned about safety than men. In this article we will give you some useful tips to stay safe and independent while traveling, in order to enjoy your vacation as much as possible and bring home only good memories.

Research the destination before the trip – researching the destination and planning the trip can be almost as fun as the traveling itself. Before you start the journey, research the area you are going to, mark the important tourist sites on the map, but also the places such as pharmacies, police stations, hospitals and the like. Learn about the culture of the country you are visiting, and make sure to explore whether there is something to take precautions about, such as vaccinations, prescriptions and the like.

Always keep your valuables on you – even though it is not recommended to bring too many valuables on the journey, you can hardly travel without money, payment cards, phone and camera. Always keep these items on you and do not put them in the luggage you check in on a plane or leave in the bus, because it can get lost and you can go through a lot of trouble before you get it back.

Only take the essentials with you – once you reach your destination, there is no need to walk around with all your money, cards and all the valuable items you brought. Instead, take a smaller amount of money and a payment card, grab your camera and go exploring. Leave the rest of the valuable items locked up in the accommodation, in order for them to stay safe and for you to feel less anxious about them.

Be suspicious – even though friendships made on vacation can sometimes turn into lifelong friendships, keep the sufficient amount of suspicion when meeting new people. There are actually people who befriend travelers only in order to rob them, and keep this in mind when you want to leave your purse for a stranger to guard while you are in the ladies’ room.

Do not drink too much – this should be applied in all situations, not only while traveling, since too much alcohol can affect your reasoning, slow you down and make you more vulnerable. This is especially dangerous while you are traveling, especially if you travel alone. This does not mean that you should avoid alcohol at all costs, but you should drink moderately, keep track on how much you have drunk and always take the drink directly from the bartender.

Blend in – nothing attracts more attention of pickpockets than someone who is obviously a tourist. Therefore, try to coordinate your clothes with the locals in order not to stand out too much. Also, when you are in countries which require specific dress code for women, do not wear shorts, miniskirts and the like, because you do not only stand out, but it can also be offensive. If you get lost, do not consult the map in the middle of the street. Instead, find the nearest cafĂ© and look at the map in private.